Julia deVille

Although this post might be a bit upsetting for some, for me is a piece of beauty.

The artist Julia deVille makes jewellery. She mixes taxidermy and sterling silver and other materials to create beautiful memories. That’s what I think her work is: beautiful memories that you can carry in yourself everyday. I wish one day I can have one of her magic pieces..

Her influences are based on Memento Mori and Victorian Mourning Jewellery. The acceptance of death.

Those of you who follow my work must know that I myself have a passion for birds, but I also have an inquiring mind about dead animals, don’t ask me why… I have a few skeleton specimens that I use to draw sometimes, but I don’t think i could actually create something with them.

Bottom line: I am in love with Julia deVille‘s work, and I hope you like it too.



Sophie is from Germany and she makes the cutest totes and home wear.

She writes a blog about artists and crafters all over Europe. Make sure you pay a visit, it’s really worth it. She made a really great post about my work (thank you!! :D).

She also has an Etsy shop and a Dawanda shop, be sure to visit! ;)

Le Train Fantôme

This is one of my favorite artists ever!
Fanja Ralison, creator of “le train fantôme” is from France and lives in England. She creates dolls that look like they come from dreams or tales like Alice in Wonderland, and the mix of fabrics and the details she uses shows the care she has when creating each doll.

You have to visit Le Train Fantôme’s shop as well!

I love her work so much that it was a hard task to choose which pictures to post.