estão sempre a acontecer coisas novas aqui na MJK.

cá estão uns passarocos novos para vocês! :D


there are always new stuff happening here at byMJK!

here are some birds for ya! ;D




mercado porto belo

a MJK está agora presente no Mercado Porto Belo na Praça Carlos Alberto no Porto todos os sábados, pelamão da NEON.



Julia deVille

Although this post might be a bit upsetting for some, for me is a piece of beauty.

The artist Julia deVille makes jewellery. She mixes taxidermy and sterling silver and other materials to create beautiful memories. That’s what I think her work is: beautiful memories that you can carry in yourself everyday. I wish one day I can have one of her magic pieces..

Her influences are based on Memento Mori and Victorian Mourning Jewellery. The acceptance of death.

Those of you who follow my work must know that I myself have a passion for birds, but I also have an inquiring mind about dead animals, don’t ask me why… I have a few skeleton specimens that I use to draw sometimes, but I don’t think i could actually create something with them.

Bottom line: I am in love with Julia deVille‘s work, and I hope you like it too.